Greetings citizens of the Kingdoms.

As some of you may know already, we have a new plugin that has added recipes that go beyond the vanilla recipes. These are designed so that everyone can make use of materials that are just normally hoarded or even thrown away or overlooked entirely. Nothing new is added to the game, as this is not a mod, but a plugin to allow recipes for vanilla items that normally don't exist and are sometimes not obtainable on this server.

Because of the new recipes, some of the items have been removed from the DeityShop at /go shop so that players can focus on making, using, and selling the items themselves.

The guide to the known new recipes is here, thanks to Driver_X.

This is not all of the recipes, some are still to be added, and some you might have known about will come back after the plugin is updated to fix some problems. Recipes may be tweaked for balance from time to time as well, and we'll try to keep the recipe guide up to date as possible.

Also, if you have any suggestions for recipes that make sense in the scope of the ImDeity: Kingdoms economy then please feel free to make those suggestions in [URL='http://imde ... Read More ...

Minecraft Server Status

Server IP: mc.ImDeity.com

Status Updates

Coolio665 Changed my Minecraft name to Bearded_Walrus. Same town, same plot, new name. :) [8:28 pm]
mbonachea Wow. [6:13 pm]
QazzSparkles I swear, next time I donate instead of getting X amount of Dei, I'm going to ask for 1 stack of quartz per 1k dei I would have gotten [12:11 am]
tran052699 Dear School Board, I would love it if we could skip finals, and go straight to summer break. Thanks. [11:37 pm]
Xeaus Selling the town of Artemita. Msg or mail me if you are interested. 25-30k. thx :D [11:20 pm]
iSquared Stuff. [7:46 pm]
i_dorkypandaz Now I finally understand the whole my grade is going down faster than the Titanic saying.... [3:44 pm]
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Goober I heard rumors about events coming soon.. Hehe best news I have had in a while! [4:20 am]
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Arwenden Any TribalWars 2 players/fans here? :D [1:25 pm]